June 11, 2007

eye still shut pass eight

There’s so much to do on a Monday that I choose not to do. I’d usually spend hours lounging at a coffee outlet satisfying my caffeine addiction.

I’ve been pretty good with my finances lately. I’m still not on the verge of starving myself and trying to look like a pogo stick. The only time I immersed myself with food was yesterday night at Wendy's.

I still couldn’t believe it, I feel so harassed and it's the first day of the week. Over the past couple of days I’ve been craving to pamper myself like what I’ve been doing few months back. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been depriving myself from being one with the universe, too busy trying to do things I had planned. Too serious with everything, too concerned with doing the right thing that I have forgotten to think about myself. I would sometimes dream of work, imagine your pen and notepads dancing like leprechauns doing the river dance.

I feel like cocooning myself in bed for five hours till I’m the mood to get up and do my usual routine.


the strip made me laugh bigtime!

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