July 16, 2007

Stop me - I eat Leather!

(Currently bag-high) pretty destructive, Why Rameeboi's back on track, hello world - goodbye fever! The smell of leather, fabric and paint - totally made me smile, strange? I think so too.


I rarely get booboos anymore, and my temping leave of absence since April was a big part of keeping my sanity. But now....I'm fighting back the googley, giggly tide in a hard, clawing sort of way, trying to convince myself that, really, I DON'T want to ride that politicaly involved career pathing. Time to get out of my comfort zone (and a big fat nose-dive in temps would also be great right about now.)

For a very brief, expensive period of time, I tried buying separate groceries for myself: A big salad and egg tarts from Lord Stowe, toiletries, Apple cider that made me not wanna drink it, cinnamon pudding , total waste!But, making dinner became a complete drag under my system - I could not even turn on the gas stove! What if it explodes infront of me?

Somehow, I have found myself eating kraft cheeze macaroni, and kiddie spaghettios and dimsum for four years eversince I started living on my own . And, suffering for it, too, in the form of weight gain, energy depletion and general body-hating fat feelings. Basic suckage all around, and always hearing that cliche from the health class cartoons: Garbage in, Garbage out! I've definitely had my share of Garbage days and hate the way it makes me feel.

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