July 16, 2007

Sun up and still smiling

It's good to be fully recovered in my more liberal State, but there is a lingering ooze of memory that only time will help me shake. My mind and heart together keep pressing me to DO something to stop this back log...to somehow change things...and I'm starting to think that simply watching TV is not the solution.

I'm totally inspired by this pic, take a look at the their stuff (Casa Amarillo) - totally fun, think sanfro indie district. I'm so into colors now - I am totally smiling and its five am, should'nt I be in bed?

For the unabashedly eccentric, or those who like conversation pieces, Astrud Crisologo provides the best one-of-a-kind "folk art" products.

Finds: maleta in vintage fabrics, handicrafts and accessories from Sri Lanka, Tibetan furniture

Contact: Casa Amarillo for appointments, call Astrud Crisologo at tel. no. 807-1937 or e-mail casaamarillo@mydestiny.net

(Photo Credit : Flashpack / Cecile Zamora, CA credit : Rey Ilagan )

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