July 07, 2008


Well I do, and now it is PINK!
Yesterday, I scared the hell out of my cousins by showing up for lunch in preppy pink country club shorts with my gigantically blistered heel literally oozing out over my white leather lace-ups. I sat down and held my legs out so everyone could see how completely massive my entire legs have become with the crazy water retention I've been experiencing for the past few weeks. I can push around on my calves and feel the puffiness in them, and the big muscle aches strangely, as though I've been burning up hours in some kick-butt aerobics step class. I know, rationally, that my gigantic feet and calves are just swollen, but damn, they look hideous. At least in flip-flops. I'm thinking my friends and cousins might not be able to stand the horror either.
Picture taken at a condominium helipad somewhere along Manila Bay, June 6 2008

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