July 29, 2008

I COUNT – 1, 2, 26! My wish list

"You have a dream inside yourself, and it is an impossible dream. That is why the Creator gave it to your crazy ass. If it was easy, He would have given it to someone else."

I’ll be turning 26 in just a couple of days ( August 4). This year I only really had one thing on my birthday wish list, and that’s already arrived, a happy life and an intact family ( Love you mom and dad).

I have a lot to be grateful for this year and a few "impossible" dreams for the year to come. Do Good as, "inspiring people by seeing the efforts of others in hopes that they will be moved to act themselves."

I am incredibly spoiled. However, I have had the occasional “so, what do you want for your birthday?” inquiry. At this point, I’m pretty much set, so kind wishes will do me just fine. But if someone’s determined to spend a little money on me (okay, not terribly likely, but you never know), bags and surprise parties are always appreciated. I’ve got a bunch of each saved in my bluefly, ebay and tralala Wish List, but there are three things that I’d like to call special attention to.

1. A new big tote for work and play ( think Jack Spade)
2. new pair of lace-ups
3. that red sw**r sneakers at dotdotdot ( it’s on sale!)

Other than that…(shrug)…as I said, I’m not too greedy. Well-wishes and kind words will work just fine.


meow said...

where did this cake come from? its absolutely sinful :)


hahaha from costa brava.....last years cake.....my birthday's tomorrow