July 04, 2008

Last name baloney

Today, for instance, I taught someone how to correctly pronounce my last name. Yes, you heard that correctly. People have probably been pronouncing our cumbersomely weird French sounding last name ( It is Bu-coy not booh-coy) incorrectly all these years.

You see, Dad's family tree is, well, a little... southern, mestizo and they're not real French if that makes any sense ( But granpa said we are). I have always been fine with our heritage. I happened to talk to a guy at a party who is a real French - like, from France. Apparently when he said my last name, it suddenly made sense ( and he did ask if my dad was French, like from northern France!).

Don't worry, for those of you who know me and how to say my last name... we're not going to make you learn a new pronunciation. We'll stick with dads’ chavacano roots!----

Parental Grandparents ( Fabian " Maning" Alvarez Bucoy and Feliciana " Channing" Tarroza Atilano-Bucoy)


Stephanie said...

Awww... love the photo of grandma and grandpa.


oh yeah. Grandma really looks like your mom and ummm I think I got her lips...me and dad