July 16, 2008


Bag: Fred Perry Canvas everyday bag. This simple canvas bag is large enough to hold my notebooks, magazines, camera and even an extra shirt when necessary.

1. Kiehl’s lip balm #1: has SPF 4, tastes icky but it works
2. Burt’s bees beeswax lip balm : tastes yummy and it works too
3. Moleskin plain notebook: large enough for note taking at meetings and for polaroids. This is where I keep my lists of everything and notes of last Sunday’s service. Also great for quick sketches when bored.
4. Planner from my best friend Cheska: A pleasure to use every day

5. 1976 Rayban aviators from Dad: I like simple, well-made things, both of these have held up through endless travels
6. Fino orange leather card case: It is not huge, but is big enough to hold business cards, and all other necessities.
7. After coffee mints: you don’t really want to smell bad!
8. Orange and Green fluorescent markers: glow when you cant find them
9. Office ID
10. Silver Canon digital IXUS I zoom : I click when I see something nice ( and I mean it!) haha
11. My old Nokia N70


fuchsiaboy said...

i love your bag. ive been wanting some cdg x fred perry bag bu everytime im about to buy i change my mind.


I love your longchamp too... might get a steven alan weekend bag instead..

btw, are you joining fashion week this month? i love your bomb and camera boxy necklace...saw it in backstage too