August 06, 2008


Regency Astoria, Zamboanga City Philippines
Photos (Prenup) Lito Sy ,(Wedding) mangoRED and Pat Dy , (Gown) by Frederick Peralta The pictures are devoid of blunt romanticism. Instead there is a touch of somberness, but for all the gloominess, moments of romantic hope darts across the series of photos. The impression it leaves goes much deeper.With every project, comes a new course. We took the step away from the meticulously planned photo shoot to the calculated snapshot. We must have wanted to rebel against the quick-flash shutterbug alacrity of the glossy portrait world, as all of these images show a slow, steady, calm of imperfection. The couple is captured during moments of exhalation, relaxation, set against Zamboanga’s brooding backgrounds with soft, matte lighting that brings to mind the luminescent brush of the Dutch painters.But look for no narrative - we gather an impression solely from what we see. The images are in the tradition of allegory.
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Too bad I wasn’t able to fly home to attend my cousin Art's wedding…will definitely catch up with you soon - Congratulations! About time, it made me think about my wedding. I’ll definitely go for a preppy weekend wedding country club style.


mchristine said...

Hey Ram. Thanks for posting about our wedding. Your blog is a very interesting read! I'll be visiting often. Btw, I love thrift shopping too. :)


Hey Mariben, Thanks! Thrift's shopping the way to go..its great to play high and low with clothes, everything not need to be sky high expensive..