August 06, 2008


( Ben Sherman Pullovers in Nautical and Argyle and pumps from Opening ceremony)
( Temporary sale area, soon to be Paul Smith Greenbelt 5)
( More coats in black, gray and ash)( loving that vintage table)
( See by Chloe, Mc Queen and Paul Smith)

Trio Marketing ( Ben Sherman, Paul Smith, See by Chloe, Swear, Opening Ceremony, Mc Queen etc) has always been a coastal joint in the Metro. Every year, they have guys and girls come flock and go crazy over unique and brilliant designs.This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some really groovy designs and at a really great prices.

Pieces that I have been eying—crew neck pullover, bermuda shorts, canvass sneakers, weekend bag and more totes.
(Photo taken by me)


Anonymous said...

love your pics ram. too bad i wasn't aware of this earlier. anyway, thanks for sharing! miss you! *mwah*

EX BUDDHA said...

you're wlcome Jomi! Place still on sale actually, drop by when you're free! I plug carlo haha

Giancinephile said...

It was a promising venture for the start as they brought in labels I never thought would be available in Manila but I do hope they update their collections especially their menswear.


yeah true, actually talked to one of the owners about it..