August 07, 2008


Shape shifting and deconstructing my clothes has turned into a genuine diversion of mine to fight stress...although inadvertent, but nevertheless time-consuming enough to keep me kicking ( yeah, I easily get bored). While scuttling with my stained DKNY dress shirt that I accidentally bleached due to not reading the “ no bleach” instructions, it got me into a light bulb moment – what is a better way to revive this thing? ( I totally don’t want to give it away, worse – throw ) trying to outfit myself for one thing or another, I often get drawn into a trance. Buzz – reconstruct this baby with new buttons ( preferably black), and dye it to something more magical ( time to work with my packs of venus fabric dye). I’ll have to rush to a fabric store this weekend to purchase more materials and maybe new fabrics too.

Project 1: dye my stained DKNY dress shirt
Project 2: Have a dress shirt made similar to the kaftan like cotton shirt below ( picture taken at Carlo’s new store in Greenbelt 5 and yes, it’s Paul Smith) I’m definitely on my preppy mode
Project 3: shop more and recycle

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