September 05, 2008


( Physically distorted on a sunny Sunday morning and pink shorts)
During a conversation with my youngest sister Anika the other night, that was somehow related to me being obese compared to last year and the year before, though I can't at all remember in what way, I found myself uttering the following phrase: "I know you might think I'm conceiving a puppy in my tummy, but you would be wrong." I snorted at my own hilarious zing, and only moments later realized self-zings aren't nearly funny as zings about your sister or your parents or your friends. Instead, my glee rapidly disintegrated and I found myself staring down, glancing at my tummy from side to side trying to determine whether they really are large enough now to fit a puppy.

I'm thinking - Yup, they would provide a nice, comfy home, with room to spare for an overstuffed couch and a lazy boy with soda handles.

Weight check , pretty alarming – I’ve to take Hydrocs and Zhen de zhou, jog and wall climb. Mom thinks I look like a cabinet – ugh, Ms. Lopez-Vito, you’re a witch! Haha Love you Mom!

( Invite from LJC- Thank you guys!)

On the brighter side, I got an invitation from the LJC group to the grand opening of Abe’s farm in Magalang, Pampanga. Oh wow, it’s just a two hour drive from Manila – great food - thing Morcon and whole day spa treatment, glory be - pamper me! fun!

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