June 29, 2009


Thanks to Ifzan and Ant, I finally got myself a copy of Monocle Magazine while browsing the magazine aisle at my neighborhood bookstore. It was a bit pricy though but totally worth it for Php 1,275.00(around $ 27.00).
Monocle provides a world perspective in five sections: affairs, business, culture, design, and edits and oh, the photos are fantastic!Must get myself next months issue fast.



I don't like the fact that they're charging full price for an old issue! So unfair. A new issue costs half over here. Anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed the magazine!

Why don't you try the subscription? It comes with a limited edition Monocle tote!


Actually went back and complained about pricing etc haha. Back issues retailed for P250, current issue P1275..I got a refund haha

re subscription - I find it a bit expensive, P15,000 for a year...but again, I can just charge it haha

izzy said...

So where did you end up getting this copy of Monocle? Funny, I got a monocle back-issue at Dover Street Market at a price higher than the current. Maybe because it was a shopping issue?

BTW Carlo of Paul Smith told me he found my blog through yours. It was funny, what a small world.

ifzan said...

monocle is a must have whatever the issue. im currently hunting for their first through 5th issue. its so hard to find them here in kl.

hey don forget to vote for a new banner i designed for academy for men.


Алексей said...

I love this magazine. its always an interesting read.


@ Izzy – hey, yeah I told Carlo about your blog and showed it to him last easter at a friends party. Carlo Orosa right not Rufino? Small world! I got my copy at Emerald Headway. Actually got last months copy yesterday at fully booked Powerplant – enjoying it!

@ Ifzan – same here in Manila…you and Ant got me addicted to Monocle – there goes my allowance haha btw, cool banners. I voted #6! Haha

@ Alexei – right and oh, I find the photos and illustrations pretty interesting too.