July 10, 2009


I was surprise to bump into a friend I haven’t seen in seven years two days ago while rushing to my small group meeting in Joya. She went “I love what you’re wearing, it’s really trendy”.

Trendy? Me? I was never trendy. I view myself as very traditionalist guy. I know I like my pants to fit a certain way but that doesn’t make me trendy.
(vintage Canvas bag with real leather straps, nylon sando bag from Daiso, notebook, lipbalms from Kiehls and Burtsbees, my trusty Canon digital ixus, orange card holder, post its and my old Nokia N70 [yes, I aint at all techy])

I remember mum would always tell me “If you want to know a person's true style and personality, look at their shoes and bags". Using one of those many aphorisms that mums hand down, the saying survives because it's perceptive whether it's a pair of scruffy wingtip hacked from my grandfathers closet or a shined pair of classic tussled Bass loafers.

My look is a mixture of different things: generally preppy which all boils down to classic clothes – a pair of khaki pants, dark denim, basic black pullover, gingham, a lot of tailored shorts and white and blue oxford shirts, plaids, stripes, real basic old school style and am still a pique polo shirt kid. Looking at my closet pretty much says I wear the same stuff all the time like a uniform.
(And oh, the photos above from street etiquette is truly a site to visit.)

I am as close to my tailor as I am to my mom and I have to credit my parents for being sharp dressers.


Styles I Love said...

i totally agree that sticking with the classics is the way to go. great job with the collection of timeless pieces. i myself am trying to build up my own stash!


I pretty much started by throwing away all my plastic hangers and replacing them with wooden ones from ikea and make room and also gave away a lot of old clothes. Starting to rebuild mine too.

John M said...

you're right, can't go wrong with the classics.

JKISSI said...

Thanks for the good words man appreciate it!

by the way love the site here great stuff!