September 16, 2009


Life can be pretty difficult but your clothes don’t have to be. Just stick to some updated basics.
(fitted chambray and new solid oxford from GAP)

(photo: Outlier)

Trends rise and fall but a good tailored button-down shirt is always a good investment.


Photo: The Sartorialist and Mjölk Homme)

When your brain is fried by all the denim options available, always simplify with an old-school pair that has no special treatments or rips like the dark-rinse blue jeans or the reliable selvedge jeans. You can also go bespoke, locally try Viktors and Defacto. Also, never underestimate the power of a black shirt that’s casual enough for day but stylish enough for night.The best ones that I have are from Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry.

At night, work or the movie house, track jackets like the ones I got as a gift from Adidas leave me cold, really cold. I always zip back to my warm, fuzzy, well-fitting green hooded sweatshirt I got at Dean & Trent 5 years ago.


fuchsiaboy said...

muji and uniqlo have great basics that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe. actually, our local department stores have an array of wares that'l arm a man who wants to be stylish. and in friendly prices, too. it's a matter of style and editing, i guess.


True! Muji and Uniqlo ( The King of casual clothing) have great basics that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe unfortunately we don’t have it available here. SM has actually an array of nice basics that wouldn’t really cost you an arm (unbranded polo shirts in black, gray and white for only P499, trousers from P250 – 799, not bad!).

You got that right Don, it’s really a matter of style and editing and hey, nice feature of you in Mega!

Make it Easy said...

i love these outfits!!!