February 13, 2010


Some mornings are just too beautiful not go out, hit the weekend village market and enjoy.

I’m sharing a couple of beautiful photos taken by Swiss photographer and blogger, Pascal Grob.


Espadrilles, a plaid button-down shirt, old trousers, a trench and a tan leather backpack all beautifully put together. Like me, I pretty much keep things classic and neat, with the exception of my occasional dandy. I am a purist - I live my life with my head buried in the trend free sand and stick to my uniform of basics, plaids, and shorts.

When it comes to my personal style, I always practice what I preach and stick to it for years. I remember way back in high school, I tried everything imaginable from trousers with a waistline that drop below my ass and shirts three times my size and believe me, I have gotten hundreds of dirty looks from people.

(vintage backpack - me super likey!)

While cleaning my closet last night, I noticed my shirts have a lot of similarities between different looks but not sticking to the tried-and-true staples like ‘t-shirts’ and ‘normal baggy pants’.

I am generally low-key and I put most of my energy into interesting fabrics. I have always liked my denim trousers from Viktor, Levis and APC and it is basically a crime for me to shop anywhere else for denim.

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