October 27, 2010


(Photos by we can make it good)

Mindless packing is fine if you are a normie heading to some cheap vacation spot for summer but if you are anyone else, throwing clothes in a bag 5 minutes before you are out of the door results bringing half your closet (I remember packing my entire closet to Bali a few years back).

Like white shirts, having multiple versions of the go-to blue shirt is sartorially smart. Just note the subtleties in hue, texture and cut that differentiate one shirt from another. Always stay within the boundaries of robin’s-egg and cerulean and please, always avoid anything with undertones. Instead of wearing one with khakis and looking like a high school student from the Ateneo, take advantage of its versatility.
I now have learned how to embrace the wrinkle despite me being totally obsessive compulsive. Wash and wear shirts are a stylish traveller’s best friend. They are designed to look great tucked or untucked with a couple of buttons undone. My favourite are my shirts from Brooks Brothers, Steven Alan and Frank Cicco and Son. They are all genuinely comfortable and yes, puckered perfection.

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