April 29, 2010


A little humor can lighten the mood, but reporting to work post break-up is gut wrenching – trust me.

(knit tie from London and gingham tie from Hong-Kong, all from Pupie)

I just got a nice, slim, gingham tie from my ex the day before we finally ended our 5 year relationship and I almost wore it to work but decided not to (It was around 36 that morning and barely 37 mid day – sick!). Wearing one doesn’t inherently mean it’s formal as long as you keep it slim but not pencil thin.

Try mixing it up and opt for patterns like plaid, gingham and seersucker. Pup pretty much knew what would and could make me smile and most were altered to my liking – golden, right?

April 22, 2010


Yesterday, as I waddled around Legaspi Village, I looked around and asked that fateful question; am I getting old?

(Pedestrian to nowhere. Me in thrifted shirt from Towncraft, navy bespoke shorts and cheap espadrilles from Legaspi weekend market)

It’s probably the influx of twinkies that’s making me feel like an old fart. I think it was when I found myself in a room surrounded by kids when I felt like a dusty old floppy disc. Damn those first years and their hands.

Strange though! I don’t really mind about the whole age thing, except one more question; do I dress and look old? haha

April 20, 2010


There is something less masculine about a man carrying a bag – NOT TRUE!

I bring my laptop, mobile phone, wallet, house and office keys, my digital camera, my lined and plain moleskine for some random doodling and notes everyday and just where am I supposed to equip all these? There’s only so much capacity my skinny Viktors can offer.


Never underestimate the value of a good tote! Two months ago, I met Oopatham Ratanasupa, a Thai national who is currently based in Paris taking his masters in Urban Design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d' Architecture Paris La Villette carrying a nice black canvas tote with really nice leather straps. the bag was perfect for just about anything and can be used beyond the 9-5. Basically the type that you could just throw your stuff in and you’re good to go.

(It also never hurts when they’ve got just as much style to match. Oopatham and his bag collection - envy!)

Oopatham (Ome)also founded BKKER, an independent retail shop in Bangkok and is a professor at Silpakorn University in Thailand.

April 02, 2010


Life can be a bit complicated, but your clothes don’t have to. Just stick to a couple of updated basics or rummage through yours and your dad’s closet for interesting finds you didn’t think you had.

Here are some of my picks:

(Photos from close up and private)