September 26, 2011


A lot in the workforce do not need to dress up for the office but for us in public relations (PR), we just decide to.

There is something to be said for looking just right and James McNamara, a PR wiz from Brisbane, Australia sure does know how to work a strategic look built for multitasking while staying tune with his preppy basics from his bright red trousers, shirts in gingham and pullovers wrapped around his shoulders, whether in town or down under.


McNamara is always bursting with energy, and he expects his wardrobe – and the rest of the world – to keep up. He shops for versatility, clothes he can wear whether he is in the country for a few weeks, making his rounds down south or back in Queensland.

(T-B: James in Ralph Lauren and Cheap Monday, James with friend Amanda Stoker)

Smart fashion is timeless fashion. Being colleagues, I have never seen him in boring basics. Instead, he celebrates his bold preppy streak. Yes, he has always maintained a look that is clever and totally fuss-free. Besides, girls always love a hard man in soft colors.

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Irene said...

Bless these cute bespectacled geeks!