October 21, 2011


Living in the tropics where it is summer year-round has always been fun for someone who has more than a couple of crisp white cotton dress shirts as his go to staple. Boring huh!

Brighterman , an online retailer specializing in accessories for men, recently launched their AW range from popular retailers Asos, Topman, River Island and a lot more.


While a lot of brands have established themselves as one of the season’s prep fashion go-tos, Brighterman have kept things preppy and neutral.

I know, my closet isn’t one of the most interesting with half of it devoted to plaids and gingham but hey, it has been proven that combing two seasonal trends equals you not looking like a slave for fashion.

This year, Brighterman combined accessories like pocket squares to bring color with well-structured, tailored pieces, keeping the preppy look from seeming dull and yes, it’s doable.

And guess what, Brighterman has also flashed a glimpse of their new range of knitted socks from Gene Meyer – fun!


Just remember not to overdo it. I mean, the combination of loafers, a satchel, blazer and a bow tie may seem like a good idea, but you don’t want to take a page out of the book.

Don't get me wrong, one can still look stylish living in the tropics.

Now, what do I want to get myself for Christmas?

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