October 25, 2011


I have always been making art since I was a kid. I remember dabbling with oil and acrylic, pretending as if I was Picasso, Malang, Pacita Abad or Gauguin as young as 9 and dad would buy me yards and yards of canvas to work on.

My room was a mess and I always had coloured pencils, watercolour from Prang and paper around. Yes, I was that kid minus the tie-dye shirt and fro.

Although my parents aren't artists, they were incredibly supportive of me.

(Picasso's SeatedModel, Suite Vollard)

Speaking of Picasso, he created one hundred copper etchings commissioned by the art dealer and editor Ambroise Vollard, between September 13, 1930, and march 1937 that have come to be known in art history as the Suite Vollard. Amazing, right?

(Picasso's Blind Minotaur Led by a Girl through the Night, Vollard Suit and Faun Revealing a Sleeping Woman, Suite Vollard)

Today, the small format is found spread out as single prints in different private and public collections, and only some of these sets, such as the FUNDACION MAPFRE’s are preserved in their entirety.

(Model Contemplating Sculture, Vollard Suit and Embrace, Suite Vollard)

Next month, The Metropolitan Museum of Manila will host Pablo Picasso’s Suite Vollard, opening to the public on November 10, 2011 up to January 8, 2012.

Now guess who’s excited!

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