December 05, 2011


Packing for the province always isn’t too easy for me especially when it’s sweltering hot down south (yes, double the humidity compared to Manila).


What I have considered packing with me:

1.Espadrilles. Who cares about them being a big trend, I’ve had my pair even before
it became a trend in this part of the world. My Abuelito (grandfather) would
always wear them walking around the terraza and lanai.
2.My pink beach shorts. I’d rather be easily spotted in the middle of the sea than be
bitten by barracudas.
3.Sun tan lotion (yes, not sun block!).
4.Slim shorts in red, khaki, navy and seersucker.
5.My go-to cotton plaid shirts
6.My trusty perfectly beaten-up tan Gucci loafers
7.A pair of white dress shirts in cotton and oxford.
8.And a pair of selvedge denim for than unexpected after party.

It is always important to head down south or whichever destination you’re going for
the holidays with a simple but sophisticated capsule wardrobe. And please, no fur!

I have also been looking forward to the following:

1.An early morning drive to the farm.
2.House-hopping from lunch to dinner ( plus a few
bottles of wine)
3.Afternoon merienda (knickerbocker) at uncle
Greg’s restaurant, Palmeras.
4.The usual Hawaiian dinner at my aunt’s place overlooking the city.
5.Lazy afternoons at our Lanai.
6.A trip to pink sand Santa Cruz Island (yes, I need
to get toasted!)

7.Gift shopping in Barter and Yakan Village.
At the same time, I am also looking forward to getting back on the first of next
year to start working on a big project.

Note to self: have those golf clubs cleaned before hitting the fairway.

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