December 05, 2011


Call me boring but yeah, I am the kind of guy who wears denim with everything from pique polo shirts to bespoke. Since some jeans are inherently dressier than some and will therefore look better with my bespoke dress shirts in my closet.
(ACNE max cash slim jeans in black and Rag and Bone straight leg denim jeans)

A good pair of jeans should always enhance your body and not hide it. Almost all my jeans are cut slim (I was never used to super baggy blue jeans dad used to get me in high school) but not skinny but hey, I look good in them despite me having almost the same body type as Jack Black.
Sometimes, when I see a nice pair with the right wash in a different cut, I grab them without even thinking twice. A quick trip to my tailor usually does the trick.

I mean, you just don’t want to wear your jeans – you also want to look great in them.

Note: the darker the blue, the dressier the jeans and please, no studs. You can also try black.

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