September 03, 2012


Just like dad and mi abuelito, I have always been a fan of leather-soled lace-ups.

Yes, I have plunked down a wad of cash for these sweet pair of brogue lace-ups from Salvatore Ferragamo (Just like my Alden’s, Opening Ceremony, Dries Van Noten, Paul Smith and bespoke lace-ups from my trusted cobbler, it’s worth every penny!) I got a few years back but after years of constant usage, I need to get back its thunder.

(sun’s finally out just for a few hours – fingers crossed it does not rain again!)

It doesn’t bother me whether I slip or slide but damnit, what to do when it rains?

Shoe leather is tough and getting them resoled is part of the deal though I try my best to avoid wearing my pair on rainy days but this bi-polar weather is just unavoidable.

(My pretty much well-scuffed 3 year old brogues)

The availability of overshoes in this part of the pond is zero (I have checked almost all shoe stores even Besa and Mr. Quickie – no luck!) and there’s no way I’m replacing them with rubber soles! Finding a handsome pair with rubber soles is just plain stressful and the idea of wearing one with a suit give me nightmares.

(Having heels fixed this weekend - Part of the logo engraved on the leather sole still shows)

And oh, you ( Yes! You in triple pleated trousers and boxy floral shirts), here are a couple of things for you to remember:

1. The slickest Italian lace-up (please see photo above) won’t look like much without a polish
2. When in doubt, keep the shoes simple. Sturdy black lace-ups go with any suit and on casual days, jeans. Trust me!
3. Round toe not extra pointy nor square. End of story.
4. Black, like brown goes with gray
5. Black suit, black shoes. No need to complicate matters. I mean, seriously!?
6. When buying local and value for money, Bristol’s the way to go
7. Other brands to consider if you are NOT willing to spend extra: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Aldo, Pedro, Bass and Cole Haan

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