September 05, 2012


I have been swamped with work the past few weeks and barely have the time to update my blog. Not that I am complaining because I shouldn’t! I mean, I would rather be glued on my desk than roll in bed the whole day wearing the same clothes I wore the day before.

No, I haven’t lost my personal life yet though thoughts scroll by at warp speed, as I struggle to balance.

(Oh, that belt and that shirt! I seriously need to shop and update my closet! Photo credit: Sarah Vickers of Classy girls wear pearls)

I haven’t had the time check the carpet and home store not far from where I live.

I haven’t had the time to update my sheets mom sent me last year.

I haven't had the time to send my tailor the fabrics I bought 6 months ago.

I haven’t had the time to drop by the weekend market to but more eucalyptus for my console.

I haven’t had the time to drop by the fabric store.

I haven’t even had the time to cross the street and hit the mall nearby.

To make things worse, my only late night activity aside from hitting the bars on Thursdays for a few shot is putting everything to my cart before hitting the sack and clicking pay the next day.

My free days are temporary, and I will both love and lament the greater freedom every time the president announces another long weekend.

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