October 01, 2012


As I reflect on this weekend’s plethora of head pounding hangovers, I realize that I drank almost no water. Aside from normally downing 7 cups of espresso everyday (that’s around 49 cups a week) I normally drink tons through the week while I'm at work, but I get pretty lax about it on the weekends. That Saturday, my only liquid had been a few glasses of red wine, 3 glasses of whiskey and a couple of el camino’s from the Rocket Room.

(Rocket on a typical Saturday night)

The rest of the weekend was spent giddy and giggly over someone (my lips are sealed), Jacobo’s despedida who was flying back to Madrid for good, a full brunch at the Negros Fair, a movie date with my sister and dinner with friends who I haven’t seen in ages!

This weekend was just filled with surprises
– so far the best I have had since December last year – I’m totally not complaining.

(I got mine in red, white and blue stripes)

On a brighter note, my NATO strap from Asprey (Yes, I'm hooked!) isn’t bad at all – I’ve gotten a couple of compliments from friends and strangers.

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