September 20, 2012


England – arguably the home of gentlemanly conduct and chivalry and also home of the only hand-crafted shoe maker worth talking about right now – Grenson. They’ve been painstakingly making each individual shoe by hand since 1866 and their process has changed little since then – if it works, why change it?


They’ve became the shoe of choice for celebrities and well-dressed men the world over giving them a freshness and current appeal that is exactly what heritage brands need to be doing in order to survive. It certainly helps when you see your wares gracing the feet of fashion taste maker Nick Wooster or on the red carpet of the latest box office big hitter.
Maybe it’s because they’re made in England’s shoe making capital Northamptonshire, or because there’s just something about Englishmen and brogues that’s extremely trustworthy, either way Grenson have built a global fan base. Here we’ve picked out the best examples of stylish men in Grenson shoes that the internet has to offer and why we should be getting a few pointers from them.

(Wooster definitely knows how to dress up these sweet pair of boots from Grenson!)
Nick Wooster is that guy – the one you see plastered over everyone’s blog and street style photos. You may not know his name, but now you do. People are labelling him as the most stylish guy around right now and they could be right. He certainly knows how to pair up his Grenson shoes with a well-tailored suit.

(David Arquette in Grenson boots - not bad!)

Okay, so David Arquette might not be the coolest guy in the world but by wearing these Grenson boots he deserves to go up in people’s estimation. He’s the man whose character in Scream spawned Scary Movie’s Dewey but now he’s the man who spawned a whole load of new Grenson wearers.

(Spot those sweet brogues - yes, they are from Grenson!)

Here’s one guy – not sure who he is – but who cares when he looks this good? Now this is how to wear Grenson shoes – take note gentlemen. It’s difficult to look this effortlessly cool while waiting for a cab.

(Daniel Radcliffe in a sleek pair of black Grenson)

Not sure if you plan on gracing a red carpet any time soon but if you do then take note that a sleek pair of black Grenson can (and will) stand you in good stead. They’ve managed to transform a geeky boy wizard into a bona fide gent.

This was a guest post written by the guys over at Northern Threads; check them out.
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