January 23, 2013


Style is personal.  I cringe when people say I am trendy because I am not.

I remember Barron, founder and editor of Effortless Gent saying that “A truly stylish man knows, understands, and respect the rules, yet knowingly defies and breaks them, bends them and interprets them as he pleases.”
(Blue Gingham, silk cufflinks, denim trousers, lace-ups and a pair of bright red tube socks)

No one can stop me from wearing gingham all week and plaid the week after. I have created a uniform of white dress shirts and a plethora of denim and wool trousers in navy and black - It is really not about the labels you wear.  Mom once said,  “Appearance is not the most important thing but it matters” - I agree!
(Enjoying Betsy Westendorp's collection at Manila Contemporary, hours before the interview and shoot)
I have always admired people with a visceral sense of style that is very much their own – think Nick Sullivan of Esquire and Derek Blasberg of Harpers Bazaar and V Man.

Don’t blame me for having a good time.

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Mat said...

that looks like a cracking shirt, nice combo.