January 31, 2013


The first major LN-CC book feature of 2013 is built around a rare selection of Walter Pfeiffer books, each signed by the seminal photographer himself. To launch the limited selection an exclusive interview with Pfeiffer, conducted by world-renowned book collector Conor Donlon, features today at LN-CC.com. The interview begins with Pfeiffer discussing his early work and the resistance to his starkly homoerotic visions of beauty. After taking a fifteen year hiatus from photography, Pfeiffer ultimately finds himself gaining global recognition from both the art and fashion world.
"Beauty is very temporary, flitting in fact. I want to photograph it before it's gone."
Conor Donlon has been curating the LN-CC selection of rare books since inception. Originally a student of fashion design, after completing his MA Donlon began working with the artist Wolfgang Tillmans. Beneath Tillman's studio was a gallery space in which Donlon opened his first intimate bookshop. His uncompromising selections were seized upon by both the fashion and art crowds that visited the gallery, and proved the beginning of a life spent travelling the world in search of the finest underground printed matter. 
His ever-changing and unparalleled offering of counterculture and youth culture publications are an integral part of both the instore and online world of LN-CC.

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