July 05, 2013


When in the eternal city, skip the finest saltimbocca, salumi and pizza, instead, hit Via Dei Banchi Nuovi, Rome’s yellow brick road to emerald cityWonderfool!
Think bespoke Italian suits, artisanal personal care products, classic men’s accessories and yes, a full range of spa treatments at your disposal.
Much of the Italian wardrobe color palette is relatively subdued – a mix of high and low, the basics like cotton and linen trousers in khaki, pink with a hint of strong color pop like red and green, leaving an impressive statement. They’ve got it all! 

Hold on, there also is a traditional barbershop inside in case you’re itching for a cut for that last minute dinner with la bella.
(Photos from the Standard Edition and Michele Angelini)
And who said we can’t have a little bit of me time? Think again!

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