July 09, 2013


It’s all about confidence – high five to that! Many are mentally confined to simply wearing either navy, gray, black and khaki trousers - liven up your wardrobe with basic Nantucket reds.
I rarely see anyone wear them here (rarely meaning, only my friend Leif-Erik ). Like trousers in lilac, powder blue, salmon and canary yellow, red trousers are literally a staple piece in most stylish mens' wardrobe and definitely not a trend) and it’s appealing to see just how put together one can get when they just give it a shot. Note to self, they should be cut slim not skinny and never baggy. And oh, I like mine with a quarter to zero break – I just can’t stand looking sloppy
(Myself in J. Press trousers and plaid shirt from McNeal at Fonsies 60's birthday. I can't be a hippie, i will always be preppy haha)
Looking for one? There’s always Ralph Lauren, J. Press, Club Monaco and Murray’s Toggery Shop.

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