August 02, 2013


It's been a bit quiet around here the last couple weeks. Yes, I have been busy with long afternoon meetings and weekly briefings which have been eating up my hours and with only Saturdays for me to catch up with sleep, I’m seriously starting to look like a bloated zombie in a knit preppy tie.
While on my way to work earlier, I realized I haven’t rewarded myself with anything for my closet except for a pair of Nantucket red trousers, this month’s issue of Monocle (bedside read of course) and a knit tie in navy and red which dad got me as a “thank god you have turned scrooge” gift (HAHAHA!!!). 

I make no judgment - I envy the blonde kid outside my building all swish in his blue oxford shirt, seersucker shorts and hair neatly combed with his empty lunchbox – damnit, I need a new set of shirts and a pair of brogues in black ASAP.
I’ll be flying out again soon and my mind’s boggling fast. Should I splurge on my birthday this weekend or save up, wait for a few days and splurge upon touchdown?  Ugh, it's really a mystery why people just don't filter out what they don't find worthwhile. Contrary to what a lot of people think, turning off the noise is not easy.
I must shut up and pray for a long weekend soon to recuperate from all these and a decent Sunday for me to spend a happy non-working birthday – I totally deserve one!

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