August 15, 2013


Finding a great gift for the Metro-Man in your life can be a challenge. There was a time that giving your special man a power tool would light up his day, but times have changed and that cordless drill just won't cut it anymore. So what is one to get your partner or dad for that special occasion? We have assembled some fashionable gift ideas that will satisfy just about any upwardly mobile man. Take a look at this list, you can't go wrong with any one of these items.

A nice shirt just isn't complete without a set of cufflinks. They come in some fantastic designs and colors to match your man's mood, tastes, and interests. Is your man a cardsharp?  Put an ace up his sleeve with a set of aces cufflinks or how about a roulette wheel for that high roller. 

There are even styles to suit the sports fan with hockey rinks, soccer pitches, and knock out boxing gloves. 
(Two of my favorite in anchor and sail boat. Sweet!)

They really set off a nice designer shirt and make an excellent gift idea.  view more cufflinks

Not necessarily a fashion statement so much as a health statement, the e-cigarette is the latest trend to either help your man kick the habit or reduce his risk of disease from the chemical laced tobacco cigarettes he has now. 
The e-cigarette contains no harmful chemicals and emits no smoke so it is safe and easy to use anywhere. Learn more about electronic cigarettes

Designer Shirt
Men can always use a nice, well fitting designer shirt for dressing up for a night on the town or simply going to the office. You will have to do some snooping if you don't know his size. They are sold by neck size so finding the correct one is important. They come in some great styles and colors to suit any taste. Grab a couple of different colors, they will be appreciated.

Fashion Tie
Do you remember as a kid, buying a mundane, cheap tie for your dad for father's day or his birthday? It probably had a cartoon character on it didn't it? 
Well, ties are still in style these days but are much more attractive than they used to be. There are lots of great styles and colors available that can accent a nice suit and take it to the next fashion level.

Stylish Socks
They are still around but have come a long way from the 6 pairs sold in a plastic package for 5.99 at the local discount store. 
Now you can get some great looking, designer socks that are boxed and ready for gift giving. It is hard to go wrong when picking out a size as they usually come in 2 size ranges. Match them to a tie and a set of cufflinks and you have a great gift package put together. 

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