September 01, 2013


My Head Is A Jungle  by Wankelmut & Emma Louise on repeat -  After years of searching for the right shaving brush, I finally found the right one from Parker, thanks to my friend Chad.
Yes, using a shaving brush is the first step to improving a man’s shave and not a generic supermarket hair conditioner and if you have never used a brush during shaving, trust me, you are in for a treat!
For someone who shaves daily, having the best bristles may it be pure badger, boar or synthetic, help prepare the beard allowing a smoother, closer shave with any type of razor.

I have always been pretty traditional just like mi abuelito. Honestly, proper shaving has become a lost art. Try asking today’s average male and you bet, most don’t even have a clue about the fine art of traditional wet shave that our fathers and grandfathers used to take part in.

To top it all off, I am in love with Parker’s sandlewood and shea butter shaving soap! It contains premium natural ingredients resulting to a cool and comfortable shave that soften and conditions your skin – baby soft! Next on my list: Eucalyptus! And oh, the lather generated from the bar is rich, thick and lasting – truly orgasmic! Look mom, I’m clean!

To order, check out Old Fashioned Man. Remember, real man aren't disposable.

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