August 29, 2013


Having a few months off from an emotional roller coaster has been really good (less social events, soirees, mid-week sessions at my usual watering hole and more me time at home with my schnauzer), Typhoon Trami-triggered heavy monsoon rains shutting down my city, flooding almost all streets, braving muddy Luneta Park at the million people march in Luneta, a protest in the Philippines calling for the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund caused by the Priority Development Assistance Fund Scam -  I feel refreshed and inspired again.   
(New shirts and new fabrics - if classy girls wear pearls, real men play with prints! Where's Kiel James Patrick when I need him?)

My ghost months were just as hard as choosing whether I’d wear my gingham Ralph Lauren Yarmouth  shirt in pink or my blue plaid Thomas Masonfor J Crew shirt to work. Do you know what's completely brilliantly awesome? I have been painting again on weekends – oh, the joy, the exultation! 

I'm picking myself up again from where I left off. New shirts, wardrobe makeover, a few new pairs of lace-ups and loafers in suede and leather and yes, new fabrics for my couch and new coral printed pillows from the
Rockwell Bazaar over the weekend. Think Jonathan Adler with a pinch of Martha Stewart (hahaha!)Currently watching: Night Train to Lisbon (Jeremy Iron, why on Earth do you remind me of someone else!).

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