September 25, 2013


As I write this, I’m actually pinching myself due to a cancelled trip to attend the First Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Exhibition ( Watches & Wonders ) in Hong Kong . On a brighter note, I did Art Basel a few months back  - that should shut me up.
Speaking about watches, It’s time to get a grip on the most important accessory in a man’s wardrobe, which btw isn’t your trusty Velcro military watch you have had since high school.
Aside from that perfect mother of pearl cufflinks I got from mi abuelito, for most men, a watch is the only accessory they get to invest in, so why not make it an exceptional timepiece? Seriously, it is better to have one great watch than several cheap ones in plastic.

“When you rest your hands on a conference table, a refined watch makes a big statement.” – Jim Moore, Creative Director at GQ
Imagine wearing a sports watch to a gala or pairing a vintage robot-like digital watch in chrome with your bespoke navy suit from Sid Mashburn – disaster!

For many men, building the perfect wardrobe is like a dumb blonde putting together a puzzle – no, it isn’t! Contrary to what a lot of men think, building the right wardrobe is like following the yellow brick road to emerald city or tasting a rainbow.

With my daily choice of wardrobe, I have always preferred my watches to be as precise and understated as my suits and pressed shirts – thin, simple, sleek yet strong with either black or brown leather strap for work and ribbon in traditional prep for the weekend.

Still clueless?
David M Robinson, a premier retailer of fine jewelry and watches has everything you need from those drool worthy Patek to your classic and timeless Rolex. Take a peek! 


Matthew Pike said...

I love watches and never leave the house without one. I do cheat a bit though, I've got a Timex Weekender so just change the strap each day.


I do the same thing too during weekends and my grandfather's Patek for dressier events