January 21, 2014


Basic matter - I have always been interested with the classics – things that don’t go away and are based on functionality as much as fit and aesthetics and I’d  say it extends to how I feel about the music I listen to and the decors I buy for my flat.
For someone in my profession, it is just impossible to dress badly and with the amount of daily client and internal meetings, site visits, socials and last minute invites to launches, I just can’t! Honestly, it can get pretty tiring.
Even despite having the luxury of pulling out my favorite trousers and dress shirt all crisp and ironed from my make believe Narnia, the thought of repeating an outfit within the same week is like stabbing yourself with a Swiss knife. And for others who end up ironing their own clothes in the morning, wasting precious minutes, would you rather enjoy a nice cup of newly pressed coffee than suffer, trying to flatten every crease?
Fast forward – I’d rather not! We’d rather NOT!
Thought bubble – how about non-iron trousers for each day of your work week? 
You got all days covered! 
Bonobos, a men’s apparel brand focused on better-fitting clothes and a better-shopping experience, recently launched their Weekday Warrior Collection, featuring iron-free, embroidered pants in 12 colors. Yes, 12 colors from your standard navy to edgy burgs (burgundy).
Made of premium cotton, each trousers are precisely cut, conforming to the natural shape of your waist, minus the extra saggy fabric which usually  gives that unsightly mangina (for the lack of a better word).
Connect with Bonobos on Instagram and Facebook and get yourself a pair!
They fit like a charm which also makes it perfect for weekends. Pair it with your favorite blazer or pique shirt and you’re good to go.

You’d rather get noticed for all the right reasons, right? 

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