February 07, 2014


Ok, so I have not been actively posting for a while, mostly due to the fact that I've been pretty occupied at work and yes, my sister and I just moved in to our new flat. Over the past 60 days after Nonno’s departure (our beloved Schnauzer), we decided to look for a new and bigger space to transfer, should we get a replacement (probably another schnauzer)

Honestly, moving is an exciting and stressful venture packed with mixed emotions and oftentimes a few surprises - the joy of having brand new flooring,  newly painted walls in crisp white, and yes, everything is fresh and clean. 
(My rattan love seat paired with hampton-inspired striped throw, vintage Anton from Chrysara Nest, Diptyque to keep our flat smelling realling good, my vintage water jar lamp and mom's shell tassels and coffee table. More photos HERE)
Moving to a new space also means moving only what you really need and want. Start fresh, so why clutter up your surroundings with unnecessary items? I have given out ½ of my wardrobe for new ones, gave our building guard 6 pairs of old brogues and lace-ups and threw 7 years worth of DETAILS, Esquire, GQ and Vanity Fair - we (I) seriously just had to let go.

Though I was told by a friend to always keep an eye on the market for dual-purpose furniture that offer extra space like a Murphy bed or an ottoman cum storage, I refuse to listen (I honestly think it’s hideous!).  I have always been logical when decorating. Like fashion, both share similar
design principles when creating furnishings in a space or an ensemble of clothing like determining a focal point, creating the silhouette, balancing proportion and details.

It’s all about accessorizing the basics and the things you love
– neutral couch, 4 panels of drapes for that much added drama and of course, lamps!

there should always be a connection between materials and the story. Hah! I should just shup up and continue decorating.

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