August 15, 2014


It has been almost 13 years since graduating from university and joining the workforce and I still see a lot of men who do not dress appropriately at work.
I know!  For freelancers, chances are, you will find yourself employed at some point in your life, and dressing the part can be a tricky water to navigate (well, for some).
I have always believed that how you dress is a direct reflection of what you hope to achieve on that particular day. It really is all about self-respect and a way of saying, “I care.”
Finding my sweet spot for style and sort of knowing how to do that was really a function of the time I grew up. In the early 90s, my parents required us to wear collared shirts even at socials at home or birthday parties, to be taken seriously (Yes, I think I was 8 or 9!).
I work in a creative environment and as stated above, how you dress is a direct reflection of what you are going to get out of your day. By which I mean, if you make the effort, people notice and you'll feel better and those around you feel better (unless you want to look like a hobo all day in front of your laptop, I’m definitely not stopping you).
Like a perfect shift dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos, for us men, a great pair of trousers is probably the foundation of any guy’s wardrobe from evening to daytime to business occasion and yes, invest in a really great jacket.  And if you have those two things, you will be able to go to any situation, anytime.
Here are a few key pieces, I believe every man should have in his closet:

Perfectly tailored navy and grey 100% wool suit. (I have a couple from my tailor in Hong Kong and Manila - The fits are just perfect.)
Slim fitted semi spread collar button down shirt in white, pale blue and baby pink
Pocket Squares
T: Brown or cordovan cap toe oxford shoes and B: shirts in plaid and gingham from Aware & Present

Slim straight selvedge jeans from SOSO
Soft constructed navy sport coat and accessorize with the perfect watch and a sturdy and classic bag from Filson

Trust me, these items will get you into almost anywhere for almost any situation.

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