August 12, 2014


Things have started to hit me since I turned a year older a few days ago. Quarter life? I’ve no clue!
My mother once told me to stop being too optimistic and be more realistic – of course I never listened. Even my sister think I daydream too much. I mean, what’s wrong?

Growing up, I think I have always been a dreamer - the “eyes open” kind as my father says. I used to dream of the places I could go, the things I could be, you do that when you’re young - I guess I still do … but they also know who I am. You find that out when you put yourself in the world, when you build something, manage a team, a class of 20 7 year olds, teach them that it takes courage and hopefully give them some. 

I made a career out of my passions and life out of my dreams and now I have something in my life that I have not had in a while – time. Time to dream new dreams, time to follow them.

Every man looks out of the horizon and sees something, something worth the journey. You don’t always know how to get there, or what there even looks like but you keep moving forward, keep finding, keep discovering.
My father used to say, “you can’t get lost if you don’t know where you are going…” I think I finally know what he means. But the truth I found is, the only time you’re ever truly lost is when you move backwards. If you take your eye off the horizon, and you stop dreaming and you stop moving forward towards your goal.

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