May 15, 2008

7 not so useless hours of Manila humidity

repost : Apr 7, '08 6:01 PM
I spent my Saturday morning running errands. By “morning” I mean the time after I dragged my ass out of bed at eight thirty, had pancakes for breakfast, scanned the new Details and GQs inside my den ( bathroom) , poked around on the internet long enough to realize that I did nothing of note this past weekend, made a grocery list and put on weekend clothes ( plaid shorts and preppy pique top) some people also label this time of morning as 1:00 in the afternoon. I’m not one for details.

Everywhere I walked yesterday, I hemorrhaged money. Time to renew my bags! Oh look! I forgot to give mom and dad a call! A book that I tried to read and absolutely couldn’t get into! (“The Secret” is still a secret to me… sorry Philip, I really did try). Birthday celebrate-y gift for my Ex! Grocery store! Pedicure!

I should point out that all of these errands were accomplished within about a three mile area from Rockwell to Salcedo Village. And as the day drug on (a day that I had somehow still deluded myself into thinking was all productive since I was running errands in THE MORNING THAT MOST NORMAL PEOPLE CALL “AFTER LUNCH”) I watched it get later and later and the temperature climbed higher and my weekend clothes were getting so icky from the sweat that resulted from running around in Manila humidity. For some reason it seemed bad form walking around the park with two-thirds of an iced Caramel Macchiato on my shirt. And socks? How did that happen?

I went grocery shopping without passing go although that would have been a pleasant remedy to the aforementioned hemorrhaging money situation. I’ve found that grocery shopping immediately after a 45 minute sweat on the roadl (oh who am I kidding, a 45 minute workout and a 2 hour sweat) makes the items in my cart magically more healthy. I notice a distinct lack of cookies and soda and a drastic increase in fruit. This makes me feel all healthy and superior.
But what I couldn’t figure out as I was walking was how on earth it had become 7:00 in the evening when all I did was spend the morning running errands.

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