May 15, 2008

avoiding That FOUR letter word

I’ve pretty much avoided the SALEs so far. I absolutely hate sale shopping. It’s just too stressful, and I just can’t be bothered to sift through rails and rails of rubbish in the hope of finding one gem, in my size, at a decent price.

Now saying that, I’ve bought a couple of things, a crisp dress shirt from Rustans, a store that is beautifully peaceful even in sale time. I don’t have the energy to get it out and photograph it, which is terrible blogging. It was way out of my price range, but it was just one of those items where you try it on, and there is just no question, you have to have it. I wore it last weekend and managed not to ruin it, and am still absolutely in love with it.

I also bought a pair of black oxford semi slim from (…), remarkable practical for me. I had eyed them up earlier in the season, but wasn’t convinced enough about them. Then when I saw them in the sale I just decided to go for them, and I’m really glad I did. But those are the only things I’ve bought.

Actually that’s not strictly true. They are the only fashion items I’ve bought. No, this weekends sale has been seriously wardrobe update focussed.

Oh well. Sometimes theses things just have to be done.

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