May 15, 2008

Filling in empty spaces

I feel oddly today similar to the joy of turning 10 years old. I keenly remember how happy I was to be 10 - to finally be the long-sought DOUBLE DIGITS. I think my joy had something to do with feeling a closer kinship to teenager-hood with its glorious abundance of double digits. I knew that 10 certainly didn't qualify me for membership in The Teenage Club (the coolest club on the planet!), I felt like it at least got me something like prequalifying status. That's how I feel today at 25. It's me---I'm it. Turning 26 in 5 months feels like I'm a solid member of the adult club. I no longer have to answer happy questioners! I'm getting close. I'm definitely in the prequalifying stages, at least. We're a weird bunch that feels a little less afraid, a little braver, a little happier, a little more willing to trust that this might all end up okay. We're not nearly the jittery chickens we were a few weeks ago. And, yeah, if we're badass at one-quarter through, just you wait until we hit the halfway point. We'll be killah!

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