March 17, 2011


Being a social drinker, spending my weeknights at nearby Museum Café and Salon de Ning with friends can be a bit of a routine.

To avoid myself from looking like a fool after a couple of glasses of scotch, I finally thought of the idea of getting myself a flask.
Made from stainless steel and handmade from solid pewter, Hipflask’s designs are truly classic with the traditional kidney shape plus, they come in different sizes up to 8oz -Not bad huh!

I have always liked my things personalized with my initials along or probably my family’s coat of arms etched. I love slow weeknights after a long days work with a glass or two of scotch, this month’s issue of Monocle with Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone on my playlist.

And hey, it’s a great gift to someone who you know has their own specific favorite drink.

I will be at Borough tonight for St. Patricks day drink all you can! Who’s game?

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Ruth said...

Some 3 years ago, I was in search of the perfect flask to give to my SO.. and I found one in Ebay. He loved it! I am thinking of getting one for myself too. Not that I am a drunkard, but yeah, it just looks fancy and handy ;)