August 27, 2011


Sure, I love looking clean, crisp and well pressed in my usual white dress shirt and dark denim trousers but guess what, I cannot seem to pull off tailored chino shorts paired with a nice blazer.

(Paul McGregor, online retailer and Owner of Brighterman)

I recently got the chance to squeeze in my already hectic schedule with Paul McGregor’s for a quick chat on looking good, staying stylish even off the clock and why having the perfect summer bag is all that matters.

What do you do?
I'm the owner of the online retailer Brighterman, who specialize in men’s accessories. I established Brighterman about 2 years ago and from that have been heavily interested in the fashion industry. I'm also a freelance fashion journalist, writing for online publications such as FashionBeans, Styloko, TheStyleKing, Pinstripe Magazine plus a few more... I like to keep busy! I'm also a huge football (soccer) fan and produce music when I get the time.


Describe your personal style.
Currently its quite elegant, I am a huge fan of the smart/casual preppy look and that's what I have been rocking for a while now, especially summer. I've had an obsession with pairing tailored chino shorts with a decent shirt and linen blazer and brogues or loafers, accessorizing with a pocket square, a decent watch and maybe a tie or bow tie depending on how formal I want to push it. I'm also a fan of retro casual, graphic t-shirts and cardigans hit home with me. This being said, I don't like to categorize my style, if I like something I wear it.

If we go through your closet, what would we find a lot of?
Secrets... On a serious note, linen blazers and shirts. There both timeless garments which go with most looks.

Who or what inspires your personal style? Can you briefly talk about it?
I take inspiration from a lot of sources, whether its just random street style photographs or people I see down the high street. I've always been a fan of JFK (John F Kennedy) and the way he dressed effortlessly. Although i'm not a fan of imitating trends, I do like to take inspiration from them.

What is the one item of clothing in your wardrobe that best represents you?
A light grey, Ralph Lauren blazer. The neutral color makes it go with anything, and its tailored for a perfect fit.

What are the things in your bag? Would you mind sharing?
As a lot of my trousers are slim fit, I don't like stuffing my pockets. So your normal necessities such as a phone, wallet and mints. Then depending on where I am heading, maybe my Macbook, notepad or a book, I am a big reader!

What do you love most about London?
It's never quiet. The busyness gets my adrenalin pumping, and the culture is great. I love places like Brick Lane and Shoreditch, they have some great little cafes and vintage stores. I live just outside of London though, as I do like a quiet retreat.

And the least?
The prices.

Here is a peek into this stylish retailer’s summer bag.


WHAT IS IN IT? I have been using this red and white striped A&F bag for the last few weeks, perfect for summer. The items I have included are a pocket square ready to wear if I am looking to formalize a look on the spot, reading material, a notepad, my wayfarers and normally my phone (blackberry) - Although its currently broke so I could not include it! The bags pretty roomy, so if I wanted to take my blazer off I use the bag to store that also.

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