February 03, 2012


August Wilson, an American playwright once said, “style isn’t nothing but keeping the same idea from beginning to end.”

Recently, I have noticed a lot of men are dressing a little more creatively and a little more unexpectedly and yes, more confident. Totally not bad!

(I mean, what is life without whimsy, right?)

I have always liked mixing high and low, mixing my Seven for all Mankind’s, APC’s and Viktor’s with tailored bespoke shirts, my Ascot Chang’s and shirts bought from the nearby thrift shop. Growing up, I always remember my parents telling me that dressing well means dressing like an individual and not like someone who you idolize on television.

I know I am sometimes guilty for staying on the safe side of dressing but hey, I love how a lot of designers now are more on individuality and putting a new version of what we guys should look like. Thom Browne and Michael Bastian for instance focuses more on individuality.

(Don’t blame me for being traditional and oh, those watch straps are sweet!)

I recently purchased a couple of nice fabrics in Japanese cotton and seersucker in purple, salmon, powder blue and white and have a couple of shirts and bespoke shorts made. Yes, creating your own visual style is always the key, let it be unique and hah! still identifiable for others.

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