September 12, 2012


The perfect home is a refuge filled with mementos from foreign and domestic travels and furniture with timeless appeal.

Growing up down south, mom’s pick of homeware was inspired by the enigmatic and work of such great weavers – the Yakans and the Subanons. Not much like Ernest Hemingway, our home is filled with old wooden carved saints from travels, including ceramics and clay tea sets from my grandparents; a coral headstone from Santa Cruz, a blow pipe from Java, Buddha heads in different sizes and art picked up en route to Ubud in Bali.

When it comes to furniture, mom likes it understated but cozy.

Right across the pond, the opening of Artextural last year just gave Angelenos and Filipinos in the west coast an excuse to linger a little longer in the sun-soaked city.

(ARTEXTURAL finally at RONROBINSON | Fred Segal Santa Monica.)

No, I’m not talking about that huge and tacky HOLLYWOOD sign. I’m talking about the real crowd-pleaser that will soon be available at ARTEXTURAL.

Synonymous with quality and artisanship, Mindanao Inspires’ line are upcycled from recycled materials gathered from various communities and are 100% hand-made by women living in different areas of Southern Philippines.

(Upcycled Home Accessories by Mindanao Inspires)

Scrap gold foil, plastic and magazine strips, naturally-dyed yarn – Mia Dragon Floirendo, the woman behind Mindanao Inspires succeeds at making sustainable and eco-friendly look incredibly chic.

Pouring her energy into conservation efforts, she has also partnered with Maej Villanueva, and adopted a whole village in the island as recipient of a comprehensive livelihood program.

(Colorful magazine Paper and Thread Place Mats)

While we should all probably try to live our lives in a sustainable fashion year-round, her line serves as a welcome reminder to do so.

Mindanao Inspires just added up to Artextural’s complete new retail experience. And yes, I’m still eyeing on those blue and red nautical themed crochet pillows.

910 S. Los Angeles Street, Suite 702
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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