July 19, 2013


The modest, green front and well curated 600 square feet menswear wonderland, The Men's Shop by Club Monaco along St. Francis Yard in Wan Chai, Hong Kong is what I call “my little piece of heaven.” 
Baskets filled with knickknacks from the East Coast, red bandanas, recycled notes, racks filled with chinos in red, green, navy and khaki – think Americana! And oh, they have a good selection of bags from Filson *drool*.

While items go for around HKD1,500 to HKD 3,000, it’s worth getting drained financially. Get your plastic handy and some extra cash just in case. Next stop, Moustache.

July 11, 2013


The old Bank of Italy building along Montgomery St. in San Fran is a menswear oasis in a sea of hipsters all headed to Dolores Park  (spotting a hipster is like spotting a blue sky haha).
People don’t go to work in San Fran; they follow their passion and yes, dressing well is one of them.

A haven for nattily dressed locals (ok, gentlemen) and in addition to such hard to find labels such as the classic Italian staple, Luciano Barbera and the king of all luxury plaid, Peter Millar, Wingtip also stocks all manner of accoutrements from carved-horn shaving kits to bespoke belts. 
Not only can you shop at Wingtip, guests can also smoke cigars, taste wine and even practice their golf swings. Not bad, eh!   
Thank god my VISA wont expire anytime soon.

July 09, 2013


It’s all about confidence – high five to that! Many are mentally confined to simply wearing either navy, gray, black and khaki trousers - liven up your wardrobe with basic Nantucket reds.
I rarely see anyone wear them here (rarely meaning, only my friend Leif-Erik ). Like trousers in lilac, powder blue, salmon and canary yellow, red trousers are literally a staple piece in most stylish mens' wardrobe and definitely not a trend) and it’s appealing to see just how put together one can get when they just give it a shot. Note to self, they should be cut slim not skinny and never baggy. And oh, I like mine with a quarter to zero break – I just can’t stand looking sloppy
(Myself in J. Press trousers and plaid shirt from McNeal at Fonsies 60's birthday. I can't be a hippie, i will always be preppy haha)
Looking for one? There’s always Ralph Lauren, J. Press, Club Monaco and Murray’s Toggery Shop.

July 05, 2013


When in the eternal city, skip the finest saltimbocca, salumi and pizza, instead, hit Via Dei Banchi Nuovi, Rome’s yellow brick road to emerald cityWonderfool!
Think bespoke Italian suits, artisanal personal care products, classic men’s accessories and yes, a full range of spa treatments at your disposal.
Much of the Italian wardrobe color palette is relatively subdued – a mix of high and low, the basics like cotton and linen trousers in khaki, pink with a hint of strong color pop like red and green, leaving an impressive statement. They’ve got it all! 

Hold on, there also is a traditional barbershop inside in case you’re itching for a cut for that last minute dinner with la bella.
(Photos from the Standard Edition and Michele Angelini)
And who said we can’t have a little bit of me time? Think again!