June 17, 2008

360 degree turn to contentment (Still Pushing)

I never thought I could be so happy with a bunch of incomplete stuff around me. Life is good ...

I can make these confessions of sloth and ineptitude because I feel no shame whatsoever! My previously pristine pad is now what I would describe as 'Almost Tidy' and, for the first time in ages (pun!)
I'm not overly concerned with my extra weight, the size of my thighs or the wrinkles (or are they laugh lines?) around my eyes.
I'm not overly concerned because (drum roll) I've got more important things to worry about! The things that used to seem vitally important to me are just not so important anymore. Maybe, this change in priorities seems like an obvious development to everyone else out there but, well, it's been a real 'Helen-Keller-hand-under-the-water-faucet' kind of awakening for me.

It's been an awesome and ferocious month and I suspect the next few months will be equally as dizzying and as bittersweet

I find myself really missing the South these days - and wishing I had my family around to share all this with.

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